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  • Region Origin: East Yurashia, believed to be around Siber, or Ongari
  • Ruling Style: The oldest living member of the family is in charge of it. Korma has always been the leader of the clan (at least, the Albion branch); at his death, leadership would and did pass to Corbyn.
  • Religion: The Zura clan generally believes in the same hierarchy of gods and goddesses as everyone else does; in their case, however, they believe that the non-Echidnian gods either do not exist, or are Echidnas.
  • Culture: ENTER
  • Housing and Lifestyle: Korma was raised out on the steppes, and despite his regal blood of a technomage, was usually living in a yurt, fleeing from those that would kill him with his father. Since joining the A-Techna, they have all lived on campus in their own private quarters, though each also has their own residence in the Normercan region for off-duty lives, though the A-Techna is based in Albion, and each also lives in country...
  • Nutrition: Korma prefers to provide food that is culturally related to his country of origin, and is usually filled with strange spices or goat meat, or even, worse, unidentified components. Corbyn is a vegan, and always places emphasis on vegetable components in meals, while Phineas emphasizes the dairy. Finitevus actually enjoys Korma's dishes, though he more often presents raw, unadulterated chunks of unidentified flesh as his contributions, most of which likely came from lab exeriments or people he's trying to get rid of without evidence. Their spouses or mates have little in the way of a vote on dining, though Vladi is heavy with the alcoholic additions, much to the delight of Korma and Finitevus.
  • Entertainment: ENTER
  • Crime and Punishment: Korma usually has some sort of elaborate 'torture' as punishment for misbehaving, like visiting the family in Siber without wearing their technomage robes, having a nice battle against himself without armour, or a harsh repitoire of exercises without rest or water. He's not above 'grounding' them (imprisonment), sending them from the dinner table (starving them), or making sure they can't escape (drugging them so they're in no condition to get anywhere).




The first sign of technomage prowess occurred in the clan in the late 2600s, (after the gene bomb). The unlucky mutant was exiled from the large body of his tribe - probably wandering gypsies - and joined a larger following of a technomage clan, about 30 members in total, refining his abilities by standards currently considered crude, and marrying one of the female members, creating a lineage with two solid technomage genes to pass on.


Soon to Come


  • The males of the clan tend to... ah... give birth. Unlike the genetic variances of a few Echidnas, the members of the House of Zura can produce children with either gender. The gestation period is the same as females, and the body naturally produces the hormones and alterations necessary to bear the children. Records have always been careful to keep this fact hidden, even going so far as to put the female on the records as birth mother, and to book hospital visits under the mother's name. However, with members like Kormandyr who had no further interactions or meetings with Dani-Ka, or with Finitevus, who was separated and exiled from his mate for long periods of time, the evidence became difficult or impossible to hide.
  • Members of this clan tend to have highly angular eyes, which are presumably derived from their racial heritage; it has been shown that wearing glasses has alleviated some of the scary-looking appearance, so the angularity could be in part due to poor eyesight. (Both Korma and Corbyn have had ocular implants, but have kept them on, while Phin had ocular implants, and forcibly turned them off to try and live a little more normally.)


  • Casimyr and Vanessa-Se (unwed interaction); and Sasha (unwed interaction)
  • Karma-Ze and Vashi (reincarnations of Korma and Vladi)


  • Flynn by relationship with Corbyn
  • Denali by birth (Vladi as father)
  • Vanessa by birth (stillborn, Vladi as father)