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Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: Enerjak

Alignment: ENTER



Blood Type: AC+ Initially, and ANC+ after Dimitri, 12% Scurnag Purity, 88% Chaotic Purity

Height: 3'10"

Weight: 80 lb.

Build: Powerful, strong chest and arms

Residence: The Fourth Circle

Occupation: God of Destruction and Fertility

Marital Status: ENTER

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Themesongs: OPTIONAL


Enos was a broken child, considered a terrible monster by the mortals, and outcast from society. He was emotionally volatile, had a very negative self-image, and could not control his powers. He was given some opportunity to grow when in the Fourth Circle, and revealed a more bubbly and extroverted personality, eager to make friends and enjoy life. With a more positive self-perception, he found he could control himself and access his more positive powers.

Serious emotional turmoil changed him, and he took on darker and more mature aspects, trying to act more his age - or rather, beyond his age, and be an adult. Respect was both given and demanded, posturing and speech was formal, the law was king, and everything else followed from it. He became distant from his friends, and seemed to lose his sense of humour, opting for professionalism. Emotions, when presented, ran deep and powerful, and he would act upon them if he couldn't stop himself at the last possible moment. No matter what, he remained convicted and determined once set upon his course, stubborn and resistant to change, and defiant when his convictions butted against others', and ultimately, against what was considered proper.






Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Vivid orange-red

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Bright Peach

Eye Colour: Intense Blue

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Flowy and Upstyled


Ears: Standard Echidna ears.


Other Bodily Features: He appears to have a red shard of crystal imbedded in his forehead. Whether this is a part of him or mere decoration remains to be seen.

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: He would decorate himself with paint at any given opportunity.

Attire: A long flowing white loincloth.

Items/Weapons: ENTER

Transportation: ENTER


  • Edmund - A piece of his lover
  • Zura - A piece of his lover
  • Osa - One of his most fervent worshippers


  • Asura-Ista - Unknown to him that they are enemies, Asura is probably the ultimate font of his troubles
  • Kitara - This man attempted forced unlawful carnal relations on him, and it was only through self-defence that he was able to be free... at the expense of his life
  • Shivasu - His wife (they never divorced before he died, remember?) a cruel and slutlike creature that could be a woman


Pre-RP History: The original Enerjak was a young god named Enos-Jakosha - or, roughly, in Ancient Echidnian dialect, a force of fertility, destruction, and... dancing. He had little knowledge of social etiquette as he was a social pariah as a child, ostracized by the other mortals by the bad omen his very presence presented, burning and destroying with a single touch, or with his very aura. He lived out in the mountains (he refers to the area as the Spine, but it was never verified exactly what region he originated from) and acted like a perfect animal until he was summoned up with the other gods to the Fourth Circle, where he encountered Solaris and Asura-Ista, who both became close friends of his.

Growing up, he learned to control his powers, but was repeatedly snubbed by the Council for a position, as they considered him too powerful and volatile to be considered - mostly, however, they were prejudiced on his unusually young age. A traumatic incident forced a split of trust with Asura-Ista, (who had yet to fully develop a true split in personalities that would force the creation of two separate gods) and a schism in his relationship with Solaris as he couldn't tell him exactly what had occurred, but was unable to fake normalacy. He fled to the mortal plane (the Second Circle) for three years, acting as a total liason for the gods, as well as setting up the concept of a personal and involved god who was tied to a particular city. The new city recognized him as a full god (probably somewhere in the Dragon Kingdom, just about 3000 miles from his 'Spine Mountains' according to him) and worshipped him to a level he'd never seen, including gifts, tribute, and levels of honour that were never receieved during his childhood. He fell in love with one of his most avid worshippers, a young girl named (name missing from texts), and courted her under an alias, pretending to be mortal until he could discern that her affections for him were genuine and untempered by any social-climbing desires. Thusly wed, he returned to the Fourth Circle, mature beyond any expectations from his short departure, and was admitted willingly into a revised Council, as an honourary member and one of the Gods of the Law, though his friends thought he was too serious, and not nearly personal enough - he even kept them distanced coldly.

The jealousies of other female followers who hated the idea of a mortal like themselves in marriage to a god, who, in there eyes, was too good for such a plain and simple thing as she (and they probably wanted free sexual relations with him too) forced the division in their marriage as he was forced to uphold a minor portion of law and kill her to keep the law pure and to keep his title as a Law God. He recreated her in the Fourth Circle, using her soul and the donated soul of another deceased god to reincarnate her as a demi-goddess under the name of Shindra-Magor, as her people recognized her. Directly after doing so, he destroyed the city that had condemned her in pure contempt for their deliberate display of selfish and low motives; additionally, from the information that he had lost the son she was bearing him, and would no longer be able to produce children with him.

Their marriage still valid, he vowed to love her and respect her as he always had, still considering her an equal as she had been since their courtship. Maybe out of spite, she demanded that he give a piece of himself, and took on his domain of dancing in addition to her other minor domain - something about domesticity and households. The admiration and affections of the other gods who had never seen a new goddess, or, for that matter, one that was not their sibling through Celeste and Gaia, and the free worship of the mortals intoxicated her with an incredibly high sense of self-worth and ego. She began to take on arcane and cabalistic aspects into her worship and her rituals, and also assumed several male lovers as escorts and worshippers alike - both gods and mortals. Documents suggest that eventually, she incorporated temple girls into her worship as prostitutes, and even slept with other gods for favours. This glutting brought a contempt for her pure and righteous husband, and she denounced him, beginning her process towards becoming Fallen.

The law, at that time, gave no venue for divorce, and so he peaceably separated from her, becoming a celibate focused upon meditation and the administration of his power in a manner best for the mortals. After being snubbed, his wife was only convinced to have him, and she sent out Kitara, the god of lust, to entice him to return to her and sleep with him, if only so she could gloat about it. Kitara went one step further and began to seduce and sexually harrass the poor god, frightening and forcing him to such an extent that he lost control of himself and completely destroyed the other god, imbuing him with Kitara's soul and power in the same moment.

This was quickly discovered, and Enos was brought to trial for the first ever murder of a god. The Council was wooed by the frantic condemnations of Shindra-Magor, another member at that time, who was determined to cover her own implicity in the crime through instigation. New evidence quietly submitted by Esytar-Nu, god of death, however, turned their judgements, and they merely banished him to the mortal world for a week to reflect and be viewed for any traces of Fallen.

Unfortunately for the pure god, temptation was in the air, and upon hiding himself in the forest for further meditation, convinced that there would be no mortals or gods to toy with him, and in full view of Lacote, god of hunt, he walked in upon his single soul-mate, a slave named (Name has been blighted from records, all we have is the initials FTVS) and soultouched immediately. The wooing was pure and innocent, and he once again hid his identity from the slave-child, obscuring the other's ability to determine his god-hood, and hiding the two lovers from the slave's masters for the night. They consummated their affections and rested together in the forest. At the morning's rays, he worked out his lover's freedom from the slavers, and set him free without condition; the slave, however, only wanted to be with his love, and professed his affections, with a slight curiosity for what he was sure was hidden godhood. Upon revelation, Enos found that his lover was actually dedicated to his temple, and was travelling to be sold there; furthermore, that his lover was fervently devoted to him.

Their love affair was cut cruelly short once what was perceived as definite evidence of having Fallen (adultery and unnatural relations) was discovered, and the two were brought back on another trial, for such actions. Enos was offered his freedom if he denounced his lover and destroyed him, but he remained loyal to his love. On interrogation of the slave, he was found to be innocent, unassuming of his affections and love of his god, and completely loyal as well, neither professing that he deserved the love of the other, or that he was unworthy or fully worthy of such love - only that their love existed, and that he did indeed love him fervently. Shindra was one of the deciding votes for the elimination of the two (a more controversial trial, especially for a Law God, which polarized the Fourth Circle, and found very few allies for the poor god and slave).

Eventually realising that the two had no choice over being soulbound, they were offered with one pleasantry to their execution and punishment - their souls would not be destroyed and collected, but instead split in three, and scattered to the Second Circle. Should they find all three pieces of themselves, and yet remain true to the lover they would not even remember, on the happenstance that they should find him again, then they would be reformed, and their punishment stricken, and both would be able to return and live together in unity in the Fourth Circle. (This was, of course, needle in the haystack in multiple fields sort of odds, but the Council decided that some hope was better than none at all, and it was Esytar who had suggested it...)

The god of death wielded the curved blade that ended their existences, and they went with love for the other in their eyes and professed from their lips.

RP History: Birth and Death of a Demi God gave us the continuation.

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