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Black Comet and Conquered Territories


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Black Doom

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  • World: Black Comet
    Black comet

    The Black Comet, home to the Black Arms

  • Government: Dictatorship, and a very strict one at that. Mostly military-based.
  • Religion: Worships Nyx, guardian of the stars, night, and space itself as a life-giving goddess (because she is Black Doom's mother), but also worships Chaos as an omnipotent god.
  • Culture: Though heavily involved in war, their culture could be loosely considered oriental-based. Highly spiritual and extremely well-mannered, their rules are very strict and superiors are treated with utmost respect. It is noteable that Black Doom eats his meals kneeling down (almost always with a pair of chopstick-like utensils) and meditates often.
  • Language: Shiimari (lit. translates to 'black')
  • Housing and Lifestyle: Generally speaking, each of the sub-species of the Black Arms house with one another. (Foot soldiers with foot soldiers, etc.) Black Doom has his personal living quarters where his bedroom is located, and this would be the same if Shadow had joined them. The lifestyle of the Black Arms during peacetime is normally very mellow; they either rest, train, or occupy themselves with maintaining the Black Comet or carrying out tasks as they are given by Black Doom. During wartime, they either continue training or are out on the battlefield.
  • Nutrition: Thrives mostly off life of other planets, specifically the live inhabitants. Rarely do the Black Arms consume something that is not of made of some form of meat, though Shadow is one exception.
  • Entertainment: Little to none, as their leader, Black Doom, doesn't care for recreational activities.
  • Crime and Punishment: Though any crime against one another or their ruler is extremely rare, punishment is often merciless, commonly assumed to be death. Strict laws are placed to keep the Black Arms in continuous, perfect order.


Black shiimari ref by lazlotitan-d3823vf

Shiimari "striiu" (strokes)

Shiimari, the language of the Black Arms, was created out of hopes to start a new life for Black Doom following the displeasing memories of his family back home. This new language also helped maintain the Black Arms rule, as it is never taught to foreigners and therefore kept "pure". Some common phrases used:

  • Aiku - hello
  • Miindo - goodbye
  • Sashin - thank you
  • Iina - you're welcome
  • So - yes
  • Moji - no
  • N - okay, response of affirmation/less formal than so
  • Ne - can be translated as 'hm' or 'eh'. (as in, "nice day to destroy the human race, hm?")
  • Dosuna! - help!
  • Shaitano zai - expression of aggravation, relief, etc. (equivalent to "gods above")
  • ...daio - ...very much (as in, thank you very much = sashin daio. This is NOT meant to be used in terms of quantity.)

Titles - these titles are normally used as suffixes, seldom used as pronouns. Asking for "samokai" is less considerate than asking for "Zeio-samokai", for instance.

  • Samokai - Lord, Master (Doom only)
  • Kai - Prince (Shadow only)
  • Konema - Guardian (Nyx only)

For more information on this language, or for translations, please contact Laz .


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Soon to Come


Soon to Come


  • Laz - A lost little alien...
  • Kachi - I a Black too, right Papa? :D
  • Ishii - Referenced in documentation, highly suggested to be a project of Kii Nishou


  • Gerald Robotnik - during Shadow's creation

The Black Arms never affiliate themselves with other races, as Black Doom goes by the "find your own way" philosophy. He does not have any desires to get himself involved in others' affairs or conflicts, so he cuts off any potential problems by a method of isolationism, only coming out of that isolation when invading a planet.