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Shadow From an Emerald Star

One of the esteemed members of the 'Science Team', including Dr. Finitevus, Egon, Dr. Chaer-Re, and Dr. Sellers, Ashi-Le might have been one of the closest people to Finitevus, and was particularly invested in him previous to, and during the Chaos Knuckles debacle. She was firstmost in discovering the radical changes to occur in his personality and mental profile, and had her heart broken by his callous rejection. A continuation of her story is available with the tumblr rp/journal blog 'engineeringutopia'.

Basic StatsEdit

Nicknames/Aliases: None Given

Alignment: Neutral Good

Birthday: May 3


IQ: 148

Blood Type: B-

Height: 3'6"

Weight: Confidential

Build: Svelte

Residence: Has a flat in the North District in Albion's main city

Occupation: Engineer working in the same labs as Finitevus and Egon

Marital Status: Unmarried but pines for Dr. Finitevus

Hobbies/Talents: ENTER

Themesongs: OPTIONAL


A strong, determined woman taking a usually very masculine role in sciences as an engineer with an emphasis on prototyping and hard mathematics, Ashi-Le is well capable of making herself heard, and of proving herself to belong, time and time again. It's an entirely different game in the world of romance, and despite some calling her brash, it seems at times that her less-than-subtle hints may entirely fly above the head of the one they're aimed at. Far from stubborn, she's not one to give up on things easily, but maturely respects when things cannot be (or prefers to keep herself blind to that thought). Behind all that confidence is a very tender heart that is laid out on the line, and if she's not careful, she'll find it wounded again and again. She is an incredibly caring and passionate individual, and it's easy to make friends with her.




Voice: High and clear

Balance: Manages very capably in heels

Posture: Excellent posture

Stamina: Would not last well in a fight, but has great endurance otherwise

Hearing: Appears to be selective. She wears protection to cover her ears during construction of various pieces of machinery, yet tends to claim that she didn't hear things as a result of it. She can be abnormally perceptive when her own name or Finitevus' are brought up in the course of conversation.

Climbing: Not very good at all

Speed: She can run fairly well in heels, but is classy enough that there is never any need to

Strength: Fairly significant, more evident during construction of equipment

Swimming: Can swim, but doesn't really enjoy doing so, particularly for the focus on her body in little in the way of attire

Computers: Incredibly competent, and has an amazing typing speed, back from the days previous to vox-to-text systems

Driving: Never passed a driving test, uses public transportation


Fur/Scale/Feather Colour: Depending on the continuity, she's either petal pink or tawny amber

Skin Colour (ie Muzzle/Arms/Beak): Very light peach

Eye Colour: Sky Blue

Hair/Quill/Feather Style: Short quills cut in a bob with ample fringe

Nose: Pert and petite

Ears: Small and hidden

Tail: Short with a bit of an up-curl

Other Bodily Features: Like all Echidna females, she has a pouch on her stomach. It's not immediately evident since she's never had children (and thus, has not had her pouch stretched)

Any Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks?: ENTER

Attire: Generally dresses or two-piece suits with a turtleneck or a blouse. She will wear greasy overalls, thick welding gloves, and a welding shield when at work, and takes precautions to avoid accidents, but can clean up nicely.

Items/Weapons: ENTER

Transportation: ENTER


Dr. Finitevus - A romantic interest of hers

Egon - On friendly terms with this assistant




Introduced in Shadow From an Emerald Star, Ashi-Le was set up to be a romantic interest, and perhaps even foil, to Finitevus' ambitions. She was said to relentlessly pursue him without getting the hint, and even succeeded in her goals. Once. Lauded as being smart and pretty, her attentions might have been set upon someone who couldn't reciprocate even if he wasn't devoted to his work.

Upon the arrival of the albino at the hospital, she was allowed in to talk to him in hopes of seeing an improvement, the assumption hinging upon her romantic connections to him. He verbally dissected her attentions in an unflattering way, and sent her away in tears.

It was assumed that she was killed in the Fall.

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External InformationEdit

  • While bodacious and classy, her activities do not hinge on either of them. There have been frequent debates in SS over her sexuality and expression of it, and she may have enjoyed previous romances, inside and outside of office affairs. This does not invalidate her affections for Finitevus, or her worth as a Mobian. She is not a 'slut'. She is not out with a checklist ready to bang every man in the building. She prizes intellect over appearance, and personality over flattering words, and has full agency over her affairs.