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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

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Have fun!
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• 4/27/2015

Character Birthdays

Black Doom - January 17

Knuckles the Echidna - February 2
Anti-Knuckles - February 2
Dr. Phineas - February 21
Pimp Phineas - February 21

Metal Sonic - March 23

Silver the Hedgehog - April 5
Wechnia - April 16

Ashi-Le - May 3
Wynmacher - May 18

Jet the Hawk - June 11
Mephiles the Dark/Solaris/Iblis - June 21
Sonic the Hedgehog - June 23
Sonic the Hedgehog (STC) - June 23
Ashura the Hedgehog - June 23
Super Sonic (STC) - June 23
Zonic the Zone Cop - June 23

Egon - July 10

Vector - August 9
Imperator Pir'Oth Ix - August 14
Phaedonas - August 26

Dorian Gildalily - September 3
Dr. Robotnik - September 10
Dr. Zachary - September 16
Scourge the Hedgehog - September 23

Chaer-Re - October 4
Solen - October 5
Tails the Fox - October 16
Myles Prower - October 16
Spectre - October 27
Asmodeus - October 30

Dr. Finitevus - November 2
Dr. Kloana - November 2
Dr. Sterling - November 13

Shadow the Hedgehog - December 23
Cassiel - December 25
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• 4/27/2015


Hidden History
A hidden history is a plotline the moderators or admin have decided for a character, either from their past, or for their future actions. It helps shape the character and provides motivation for their actions, or explains why they are going a certain path by providing the conclusion.
While they are interesting to read or note, remember that your character has no idea what is going on or any aspect of these plotpoints, unless they are told in the threads themselves. This is why they are marked as 'hidden'. Your character may have as many conjectures as they may like, but they really shouldn't "know" what is going on unless they are psychic or have been told. Childhood friends is an iffy subject with this, and it all depends on how close they are - STC Sonic might have never informed Tails he was afraid of spiders, or even why he developed this fear, for example.

Hidden History in Plot
Turbo has two of these, one for the AU:
He joins the Chalice Heart after giving up on ever returning to Keldeza. Reasons why are unknown, but will be supplied in the thread when the plotline comes.
He joins the Black Arms under the new rank of Mei-Ka upon the knowledge of the extermination of the Saranj. In RP, he actually was directly tied to this, as he returned home only to help Black Doom kill his race, but this is unlikely that it would be so in canon.
Chalice Heart and Merchant Marines are two Hidden societies that should not really be known by anyone other than members. Both can become available if a character is scouting ruins and finds mention of them, like in the Files. There wouldn't be too much information available at this time.
Dr. Zachary might be Chalice, and a Hidden History has been supplied for him, but it's not cemented. ^^
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• 4/25/2015

Turn Order Archives

These were the last remaining turn order lists prior to the disappearance of the Forum V.2.

Turn Order
Unexpected Allies: Spectre 9/30, Dr. Finitevus 10/15, Imperator Ix 10/27
"Safe" House: Miles 9/30
Watchers in the Jungle: Dr. Zachary 6/28, Traconian 6/28
Investigations: Jet the Hawk 8/18, Dr. Eggman 8/18
Lookalikes: Sonic the Hedgehog (STC) 8/17, Turbo 8/19, Super Sonic 8/20, Mange 8/22
Look, It's a Sale~!: Tails 6/20, Sonic 6/22, Shadow 6/24
Lost Cause: Ashura 7/10
Roommates: Dr. Phineas 9/30
The New Inmate: Tobor 8/20
Yes, My Lords: Dr. Finitevus 9/30
The Fugitive: Singe 8/18, Zonic the Zone Cop 9/30
TECHNOMAGE PUBERTY: Dr. Phineas/Dr. Finitevus 9/30, Kormandyr/Corbyn 10/15
Birth and Death of a Demi God: Edmund 9/30, Asura/Ista/Military 10/25, Osa 10/31

Original Code
<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t62-unexpected-allies>Unexpected Allies</a> Spectre - 9/30, Dr. Finitevus - 10/15, Imperator Ix - 10/27

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t54-safe-house>"Safe" House</a> Miles - 9/30

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t52-watchers-in-the-jungle> Watchers in the Jungle</a> Dr. Zachary - 6/28, Traconian - 6/28

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t21-investigations>Investigations</a> Jet the Hawk - 8/18, Dr. Eggman - 8/18

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t120-lookalikes>"Lookalikes"</a> Sonic the Hedgehog (STC) - 8/17, Turbo - 8/19 Super Sonic - 8/20, Mange - 8/22

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t31-look-it-s-a-sale>Look, It's A Sale!</a> Tails - 6/20, Sonic - 6/22, Shadow - 6/24

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t28-lost-cause>Lost Cause</a> Ashura - 7/10

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t89-roommates>Roommates?</a> Dr. Phineas - 9/30

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t106-the-new-inmate>The New Inmate</a> Tobor - 8/20

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t107-yes-my-lords>Yes, My Lords</a> Dr. Finitevus - 9/30

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t121-the-fugitive>The Fugitive</a> Singe - 8/18, Zonic the Zone Cop - 9/30

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t137-technomage-puberty>TECHNOMAGE PUBERTY</a> Dr. Phineas/Dr. Finitevus - 9/30, Kormandyr/Corbyn - 10/15

<a href=http://sonicsociety.forummotion.com/t93-birth-and-death-of-a-demi-god>Birth and Death of a Demi God</a> Edmund - 9/30, Asura/Ista/Military - 10/25, Osa - 10/31
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• 4/25/2015


Sonic the Hedgehog (Mobius Prime)
The first Dr. Robotnik winked out of existence and was replaced by one from a close parallel reality. This new Robotnik is currently flesh, and goes by the name Eggman.
Knothole's current incarnation has been destroyed by Dr. Eggman.
ECHIDNAS: The events of Birth and Death of a Demi God should be taken as just about as canon as possible for the storyline. This keeps The Order available, introduces Asura-Ista, keeps a threat or five simmering just underneath the regular storyline, as well as giving purpose and plans to pretty much every god we have, each working on their own agenda, introduces the Circle System, etc. It won't be solid canon until it's completely moved over, but for most characters, particularly non-Echidnas, there should be no worries about great cosmic differences in the whole storyline. The Brotherhood of Guardians and the Dark Legion both have been splintered as a result of Dr. Finitevus throwing them into the Twilight Zone. Massive destruction to the Echidna outposts has resulted in incredible death counts in the Echidna race.
Sonic the Comic (Mobius Alpha)
Dr. Robotnik went mad after Sonic pushed him too far. He did escape however, and is a very dangerous figure despite his frail grip on sanity, if any.
ECHIDNAS: Knuckles the Echidna was indeed the last Guardian, and present during the times when Chaos was unleashed - the very downfall of his tribe. This was due to a pact made with Vichama to grant him immortality through a version of reincarnation called spawning.
SEGA (Mobius Beta)
Special Zone
Alternate Universe
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• 4/25/2015


A list of Questions and Resources.
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• 4/25/2015


To be edited!

Wiki Requirements ARCHIVED:
After the initial 'Try-Outs' to make sure that the player has the right idea of how to do things, they can sign up, and one of the three Admin will quickly find them a thread to play in. Competition for the new characters is pretty intense. If characters are non-specific to any one continuity - like Shadow, instead of Turbo, for example - then mini fights have started to get that character into Gameverse role play, rather than STC, or whatever. We at SS believe that this competition is healthy, and that gouged eyes can indeed be replaced at a later date.
Players are given about 2 weeks between start of the turn to the deadline to post for their character in the threads they are in. The turn for the next player starts either with the preset time from the turn order, or from the day that the last player posted, depending on how fast the RP goes. Despite this, it tends to be even more low-key, and the admin will sneak people more time out of generosity or their own laziness.
The admin are not the strictest of people - okay, maybe Bass is - but they will keep a few laws clamped tight, just for the integrity of the forum. AKA, they're Grammar Nazis. So long as you can stick to the rules and post on time, you should be fine.

NPC Requirements ARCHIVED:
'Guidelines on NPCs'

They may be used to facilitate a story moving along, or bulk up a plot-line, if they can be contained.
They can be susceptible to 'god-modding', like killing the character off without permission of the player.
The actions may be shared by all, so long as it is continuous; i.e., if one player makes the NPC swing her fist out toward the other character, in the next turn, the other player cannot make the NPC suddenly turn into diamonds, or move to Vegas, or actually attack the first character/default on the attack against the other character. Think follow through.
The Dead are a messy subject in SS. We would like to say that any character has the potential to return, and so they are always open for use or return to Character status.
Actually though, Tommy the Turtle will never, ever be up for use. Sorry.
In the case that the Dead should like to be used, there had very well better be a darn good reason for using them. Examples include flashback to the past, warp to the past, and zombification of these characters, but in the case of the last, or other forms of the same result, remember 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust, NPC to NPC'... they'll have to be returned eventually, or promoted to full character status.
'Minor Character Information'
Many of these characters have not shown up in the forum (yet) or have been mentioned, but this in no way questions the validity of their existence. (Basically, if Mai, Jet, Mephi, or Laz created them, they're clean, bro.)
Characters might not receive information pages of their own yet, but will definitely be detailed out if they have enough importance or details that need to be addressed.

Post Requirements:
1) TIME: Everyone is given about a week to post. This makes things a bit slower, if everyone takes their entire week, but I am also aware that a lot of the members have jobs or schoolwork that conflicts with a large amount of post-time, so this is a nice approximation. If you are going to be gone for that term, and you know, then PM or IM me, and we can skip over you, or work out some way to accommodate. If you do not post within that timeframe without proper warning, you will be skipped, and you will have to wait for your next turn. If you're going to be gone substantially longer than a week or so, also PM, and we will try to find a little recession for your character(s) until you can return. If you are gone for more than two months without any form of warning or notice, then your username will be disabled, your password changed, and the character up for consideration for other people on the 'waiting list'. This is probably as harsh as I will ever sound, but it's also fair to the people who don't have characters yet, and to your fellow RP-ers.
1.5) TIME COROLLARY: The time requirement will be flexible, to an extent, based on the number of people in the thread. The more people, the less time. One more person, one less day to post. This seems the most reasonable way to get things to move along. However, this only applies when the groups are four people or more, and only up to about five decreases in post time.
4 people - 7 days
5 people - 6 days
6 people - 5 days
7 people - 4 days
8 people - 3 days
9 and up - 3 days
2) SIZE: A lot of people think that size doesn't matter in posting, and I would tend to agree, so long as information got across, and the plot was advanced with each turn. However, unless you are really a veteran RP-er, and I give my total support to, I'm thinking a minimum of three paragraphs, about four sentences each would suffice. Just think, that's only twelve sentences, and it makes your posts look meatier! Moreover, it seems that a lot of posting is speech, as the most effective way of allowing a character to get what you are doing and where you are trying to go. It allows them to post off you and advance, even if you feel like you have nothing to say for that turn. How much does a character talk? Then it's simple to fill those paragraphs! Remember, that's the bare minimum. You can have two paragraphs with six sentences, or try to go for more sentences, so long as it's not a random tangent to pass the size requirement. If I continue to get more complaints about size of posts, then your character will be up for discussion on the chop block... Another 'harsh' law from Jack...
3) QUALITY: This one basically asks you to think about your post. Posts need to relate to the thread, i.e. lollipops does not exactly fit in Shadow's Gloomy Revenge 4, even if it is Cream talking. Also, don't let the quality suffer to fit the size requirement. If sentences go along the lines of: 'Shadow was mad. He punched the wall. It hurt his hand. He growled. He did not like Sonic. Not at all.' Well, then we have a problem, because that's something that primary school-children put out. Especially since that could be construed as six sentences right there... And that's not even one line long... While you don't have to be eloquent, it's simple good manner to fill each sentence, and a good indication of having done so is to have one or more commas, or something to that extent. This is not to tell you how to write each post, but rather a guideline of what has to be for each post, so, not content, but standard. If quality causes complaint, then see the size requirement for the due punishment...
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• 4/25/2015

Formatting and the Future of the Board

I've recently been going through and reformatting the site to the standards of other wikias around. This includes:
- Updating the Main Page
- Condensing Character Pages and increasing the usage of tabs, sub-pages, and interconnectivity
- Decreasing the unnecessary or unused sections (Items/Weapons/Vehicles was very barren) as well as thread-references
- Creating wikia background art
- Creating a snazzy logo
- Character Art!
- Archiving rules and regulations pieces to the forums
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• 2/21/2015

WIP Drive!

Let's work on cleaning up as many pages as possible in the next 3 months! I'll be working on getting the code as pretty as possible and getting due-diligence done on what's coming up on the 7-year anniversary of the boards!
Please check out the WIPs activity page (updated with a new thread each week) for some places to get things kicked off!
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• 2/21/2015

WIPs 2/21/15

Here's a brief run-through of what I found in roughly 2 minutes of scoping the wiki. Please feel free to add updates in the form of more recommendations for the list, or completed edits. I know the list is extremely extensive, so I'd greatly appreciate the help!
-getting rid of threads
-tagging things by their completion (Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Bronze Ring, Stone Page)
-condensing long-form abilities and weaknesses into a single short paragraph listing

Dr. Phineas - new
Emi-Li - new
Corbyn - official
Kormandyr - new
Osa - new

Sally Acorn
Rotor the Walrus
Antoine D'Coolette
Blaze the Cat
Dr. Sellers
Dr. Fitz
Dr. Kazan
Maria Robotnik
Dr. Moreau
Kurtiss and Dr. Theophile
Honey the Cat
White Bane, Black Warlock Finitevus
Airgne the Bleak
Ollie the Hedgehog


CoCo Cabina
Sonic the Hedgehog (weaknesses, abilities, history, thread info)
Sonic the Hedgehog STC (description, IQ, personality, traits, attributes, abilities, weaknesses, items, affiliations, history, and threads)
Silver the Hedgehog (basic stats, personality, traits, attributes, abilities, weaknesses, items, history, external information)
Tails the Fox (hobbies, personality, traits, attributes, abilities, weaknesses, items, affiliations, rivals, history, threads, external information)
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